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Sansa Stark Appreciation Week - Day 5: One scene

"Are you frightened, child? No need for that. We’re only women here. Tell us the truth. No harm will come to you."

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Fred & his Quidditch uniform appreciation.

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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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what girls look for in guys


  • platinum blonde hair
  • silvery-grey eyes
  • hella rich
  • stuck up and entitled
  • wears a lot of black
  • big on family
  • very attractive
  • huge pissbaby
  • completely a momma’s boy
  • Draco Malfoy
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Harry Potter Challenge: The Magic Begins - Day 6: Most Powerful Quote

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Mixed CD’s Of Mixed Emotions

#1 // Listen 

#2 // Listen

#3 // Listen

#4 // Listen

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I just wondered if, maybe, you wanted to go to the ball with me?

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Alex stumbling during the Arabella drop

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"White feminism" does not mean every white woman, everywhere, who happens to identify as feminist. It also doesn’t mean that every "white feminist" identifies as white. I see "white feminism" as a specific set of single-issue, non-intersectional, superficial feminist practices. It is the feminism we understand as mainstream; the feminism obsessed with body hair, and high heels and makeup, and changing your married name. It is the feminism you probably first learned. "White feminism" is the feminism that doesn’t understand western privilege, or cultural context. It is the feminism that doesn’t consider race as a factor in the struggle for equality.

White feminism is a set of beliefs that allows for the exclusion of issues that specifically affect women of colour. It is “one size-fits all” feminism, where middle class white women are the mould that others must fit. It is a method of practicing feminism, not an indictment of every individual white feminist, everywhere, always.


This Is What I Mean When I Say “White Feminism” (via euo)
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"I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black! … Are you coming to get me?

Harry Potter Locations
↳ [7/?] locations » the burrow

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i miss getting party bags at the end of parties why dont we still do that party bags were the best part of the party

It was like a reward for being sociable

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Harry & Hermione + book quotes

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AU where Hogwarts students were actually nice to Filch and if they broke something or made a mess they’d use charms to fix it instead of expecting an old man to clean up all their shit. And maybe they’d send him cards at christmas, or ask him to play a game of chess with them, or maybe even bring treats for Mrs. Norris. Or heck, maybe even apologize when they screwed up. Why was everyone so mean to Filch.

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